Performer's sites


Bonnie is one of my fave performers and a very nice young lady.


Fabienne Guyon played Grizabella in the "Cats" French production. Her contribution to "real" musicals in France has been really important.


My good friend Claire's directing a Can-Can dance company... they tour around the world showing their legs to people ! !

Dolls sites

SJ CREATIONS for All Dolled Up UK Site: Everything there is just Gorgeous

Beautiful affordable dolls and outfits


One of the best dolls dealers on the web.  REALLY friendly & honest. A real gem


Really beautiful OOAK outfits for dolls



Ok, now Barbie wouldn't be the same without her knight in shining armour...This very interesting website tells you everything there is to know about KEN


French doll makover arrtist...;just beautiful work there!!!


Here is a beautiful french site (english language available) showing the original designs of a doll clothes maker.


Favorite singers sites

Best site about my fave French singer Sheila


My favorite SHEILA fan site, the graphics are really beautiful and the pictures are so cleverly retouched that Sheila used one of them for her latest CD cover.


The Official Website... in French


Good website full of remixes...  love it!




A gorgeous site designed with incredible taste, worth visiting to discover the world of French singer Mylène Farmer.


Cats sites

Some "Cats" sites There are thousands of them around the net... these are really intersting, don't hesitate to visit them (tell them I sent you!)

Carbucketty's site, very detailed cast lists, up to date infos, this guy's site is the reference for any "Cats" fans!